How to Get 1gbps Internet in the UK- Top 3 Broadband Services and Packages

By | July 27, 2017

How to Get 1gbps Internet UK – 1gbps Internet Speed Price UK

If you are also wondering, how to get 1gbps internet speed in the UK, here are choicest options to consider before signing up for the internet connection. We have based our views on speed, package price and features of the 1 Gbps broadband connections by different companies.

How to Get 1gbps Internet UKWhen it comes to enjoying stress-free video streaming, video conferencing or accessing the internet, the modern generation wants nothing less than the best broadband service. The 1 Gigabit per second internet speed for downloads and uploads is the need of the hour considering the extent of dependence the present age is on the digital connectivity in every sphere of life.

1. Hyperoptic Fibre Broadband

When trying out the best service providers offering 1Gbps internet speed, the Hyperoptic was our prime consideration. There are a lot of aspects that attracted our attention. The 1Gbps connection is suitable for use at home, offices, schools, colleges etc.

  • Speed: Hyperoptic’s 1Gbps Fibre Broadband and Phone package offers the 1-gigabit speed for unlimited downloads and uploads throughout the month.
  • Package Price: the package cost for the first 3 months is £48 per month and then onwards the package cost will rise to £63 per month.
  • Features and Facilities: When you sign up for the Hyperoptic 1Gbps Fibre Broadband and Phone package, the company will install the HyperHub wireless router free of cost at the required destination. HyperHub supports fastest internet connection across five different types of devices.

2. Gigler Home and Business Plans

Gigler is the second connection on our list owing to the availability of different package options to choose at 1Gbps speed.

  • Speed: As mentioned already, you will get a series of home and business packages at 1Gbps speed for downloads and 500mbps for uploads.
  • Package Price: If you are a home package user, there are three options to choose depending on the monthly data consumption limits. There are three home package plans-
    • Essential: the data usage limit for this package is 80GB and the price is £25 per month
    • Family: the data usage limit for this package is 250GB and the price is £35 per month
    • Ultimate: the data usage limit for this package is 1TB and the price is £50 per month
  • There are also two business plans highly popular in corporate organizations and other institutions.
    • Business: At £50 per month, you will get 500GB data limit.
    • Business Pro: At £95 per month, you will get 1TB data limit.
  • Features and Facilities: For all plans, the company charges £100 extra for installation and equipment.

3. Gigaclear Ultrafast Fibre Broadband

The customers residing in various rural areas across the UK can switch to Gigaclear broadband connection. The name is third on the list due to the speed slightly less than 1Gbps.

  • Speed: This fiber optics connection offers up to 1000Mbps speed for both downloads and uploads.
  • Package Price: There are different broadband subscription plans-
    • Home 1G Unlimited: £76.60 per month
    • Business 1G Unlimited: £461.00 per month
    • Custom Enterprise Packages: The enterprise based package speeds and prices will depend on the preferences of the clients, budget choices etc.
  • Features and Facilities: For all packages, the additional charges will be applicable for installation and equipment.


It is very difficult to suggest any particular service package or broadband provider to all customers. The needs, budget, data consumption and other factors vary from one user to another. All the above services are highly popular in the UK today. You need to check for the service availability in your building or workplace, choose a plan as per convenience and look at other factors. A bit of research and some planning will be helpful to choose the right package within affordable prices.

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