ADP MyKplan Sponsor Login – Sign Up with Personal Registration Code

By | December 12, 2017

MyKplan Sponsor Login – Register Now with Personal Registration Code

A Guide to Mykplan ADP Retirement Solutions: Saving money for the retirement is an important goal for every household. Everyone seeks simplified effective solutions to save maximum that can add value to their finances. Let’s check ADP MyKplan sponsor login guide and sign up with personal registration code help. Their website is a great resource for people using the ADP retirement services. At Mykplan, the customers having ADP retirement plans can access online management tools to regulate their account and several other operations. Herein is a comprehensive guide on the Mykplan website and some FAQs to answer the common queries often coming from the customers.

ADP MyKplan Sponsor Login

About Portal

The mykplan participant portal is the single platform offering you the convenience of controlling your ADP retirement insurance plan from the comforts of home. You can transfer funds, view transaction history and even modify the contribution election of your plan.

The ADP 401(k) plan is best for organizations looking to provide its employees with secure retirement solutions. While the enrollment process is very easy, the employers must take the initial steps in documentation and maintain effective communication with ADP retirement services. After successful completion of the sorting process, ADP sends the 401(k) plan Welcome letters with the personal registration code to the qualifying employees.

Mykplan FAQ

How to Sign Up an account at

Visit the login page of mykplan sponsor website. Below the login section, there is the white ‘Register Now’ button. When you click on the button, you will be directed to the first page of registration form online. You need to provide name, DOB and SSN/ITIN/EIN to proceed. Follow the instructions on the page to complete the registration successfully.

How do I get the Personal Registration Code?

The new members trying to register at usually get the Personal Registration Code in the 401k Invitation letter. However, if you have not yet received the code, proceed a request to send the code to your email address. If your email address is not registered with ADP, you may need to answer some additional identity questions to get the code via email service.

Note: The Personal Registration Code in your Welcome letter is valid for a limited period only. Before using the code, make sure it is still active for use during the registration process.

What happens when the Personal Registration Code expires?

You can still register at by answering the identity questions.

How to access the Participant Portal?

The first time visitors to the Participant Portal are prompted to read the terms and conditions of using the site. You must read the entire document very carefully and click on the ‘Accept’ button to show that acknowledge the terms of use of the portal. Once accept the conditions in the agreement, you will be directed to website access.

How to change the password at mykplan?

For security reasons, you should change all your passwords from time to time. To change your password, select the “Login and Security Information”, at the ‘My Profile’ menu.

What are the benefits of using the Participant Portal?

The users can access data and take several actions on the participants portal including:

  • View the details of your current account
  • Transfer money
  • Proceed for a loan request
  • View and print the transaction history
  • Access account management tools


Opting for the ADP services insurance plans allow the policyholders to save huge money for their retirement. Mykplan users must open the portal on Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the site features properly. Once you sign up at the website and click on ‘Accept’ tab, you will be able to view all account related information and take important actions on the Mykplan dashboard.

Always remember, you must sign up website to control your account, access data, and execute other necessary actions.

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