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By | March 31, 2018

Brook Eddy’s Bhakti Chai Recipe, Nutrition, Concentrate Ingredients on

Do you know Indian tea is very famous in America? It’s popular there by American woman ‘Brook Eddy’. She is doing a business of tea in Colorado. Now lets we discuss how she gets the idea of starting tea business. You can also check more details Bhakti Chai recipe, nutrition facts, concentrate ingredients on their official website.

bhakti chai brook eddyBrook Eddy came to India in 2002, she visited so many places also test our special food. Brook Eddy liked the test of Indian tea, when she returned back to her home she tried to find the same test of tea in cafes but she couldn’t find it. Then she through let’s start the business of tea.

Eddy’s official website for Bhakti Chai is You can buy online Bhakti Chai Concentrate Unsweetened, Bhakti Chai Concentrate Original, and their other products from their official website or also from

India is the country which has a different culture and all Indian are the food lover. Every state of India has its own traditionality which makes its different from other states. Many people come from out of India to visit the famous place, they like to eat our Indian food and drinks because it’s more different than their country. Some famous foods are Dholka, Gulab Jamun, Idili, Jalebi etc and some famous drinks are Chaach, Lassi, Thandai and the most favorite of every Indian is ‘masala chai’ and its available at everywhere.

Indian people like to take tea. Many people love to take it, I listen from someone that it’s not necessary to take tea at only in the morning because every time is the perfect time for tea. People take it to mind fresh, they say tea feels them relax.

In 2007 Brook Eddy starts a company with the name ‘Bhakti Chai’ in Colorado. And in few times it’s popular in that area. You can’t believe she gets 35 million means 227 crores from brought tea.

Brook Eddy is a single mother of twice children. She was working woman but after starting the business she quit her job and only focuses on her business. In 2014 she was selected as the top 5 finalists in the Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

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