Blue Cross California: Anthem Health Insurance Plans and Medicare Provider Phone Number

By | February 11, 2018

Blue Cross California Provider Login: Anthem Health Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans

Anthem Medicare Advantage plans: Blue Cross California is the most trusted insurance company in the state of California. It was started in the year 1937 and has earned the reputation over the years. It is very innovative and is offering the best health solutions to Californians and has about 8.3 million customers. Here we will discuss on Blue Cross California Provider Login help.

Blue Cross California Provider LoginBlue Cross California has a team of skilled employees and provides best ideas and beneficial health coverage solutions. The health plans are very flexible and unparallel to match and quality plans are offered at an affordable rate. It has a network of 330 hospitals, 52,874 specialists and contracted physicians and can be accessed through the Blue Card program.

Health Insurance Plans and Medicare

Blue Cross California offers a variety of plans and certainly, you will find one that will suit your specific insurance needs.

Blue Cross Blue California offers Medicare plans to people having age more than 65 and to disabled Medicare beneficiaries even having age below age 65. Actually, the federal government provides the contract to Blue Cross California. There are two plans Medicare A and Medicare B. Citizens of age above 65 receiving social security benefits are automatically enrolled to Medicare part A and Medicare Part B plans.

Medicare Part B is optional and you have to pay the premium in order to get benefits of the plan. You can choose what type of coverage you want to include in your plan. Blue Cross California offers quality insurance to its customers to meet their healthcare needs. It is better if you ask coverage for preventative care such as screenings, tests and checkups for colorectal cancer, chronic illness, breast cancer and glaucoma etc. as it helps you manage with medications, Diabetes maintenance programs etc.

Medicare Supplement

Blue Cross California Medicare programs offer considerable health care coverage, but it does not include all type of healthcare services. You can opt for additional coverage that is not covered through Medicare basic plans by taking extra Medicare Supplement plan. There is number of supplements plans available for you to select from.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicate advantage plans from Blue Cross California is also known as Medicare part C. Depending on the type of the plan, you will have to pay copayments, deductible, coinsurance. Medicare Advantage plans include coverage to the prescription drug, benefits for hearing problems or vision problems in addition to the benefits offered through the original Medicare plan. Almost half of the medical services are under this plan. Under this plan, half of the bills for doctors and hospitals are paid by the insurance company. Blue Cross California provides a variety of HMO and PPO Medicare Advantage plans. You can also associate Medicare advantage plan with Medicare part D. The association is known as MA-PD or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan.

Prescription Drug Plans

Blue Cross Blue California provides a number of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans also known as Medicare D plan. You can choose from 16 standards Medicare Part D plans. You can customize the prescription drug plan by adding extra that fits your health care needs. Blue Cross California even delivers medications directly to your home through mail services. To help its customers, the company has a very customer support teams and also provides service-based communication between patients and doctors.

Dental and Vision Plans

Blue Cross California offers three plans namely Dental Blue PPO, Dental Blue enhanced and Dental Select HMO that covers from basic diagnostics and preventive services that includes cleaning, examinations, X-rays to plans that provide dental services such as filling, root canal treatment, crown, implants, brush biopsy etc. You can get the dental treatment done from any doctor you choose. But you can save more if you choose to get treated from an anthem network doctor.

If you have a Dental select HMO plan, you don’t have co-pay for diagnostic and preventive care such as examinations, cleaning, X-rays, most fillings. You can also select an optional plan for vision coverage with Blue View vision plan. It has a Blue Vision network consisted of 30000 private practice doctors located at more than 2500 places and even available at weekends as well as in the evening.

Online Quote

Blue Cross California provides an online quote tool. The tool is very user-friendly. You just have to provide basic information, specify the coverage you want to include. Detailed information about the plans available and coverage available will be displayed. This information is good enough in deciding on a plan.

If you a citizen of California and having age above 65 and worried about your health care needs, you must consider enrolling yourself with Blue Cross California. It takes care of your health-related needs and you can lead a life happy and healthy.

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