California Lifeline Program; Apply Online, Check Status and Renewal Phone Number

By | December 28, 2017

Get Discount on Phone Bills – Guide to the California LifeLine Program

California lifeline customer service number: Here we will discuss on California Lifeline Program Apply Online/Check Status/Renewal Phone Number. This program is a government-aided program for low-income families residing in the state providing discounts on the monthly telephone or mobile phone bills. This LifeLine assistance allows only one discount to the qualified household. You can also check more information on the official website

california lifeline phone number

The Government of the State of California launched the LifeLine discount aid program for landline phones in July 2009 and for cell phones in January 2014. If you wish to receive the discounts under the California LifeLine Program, here is some important information to understand the aid facilities and the approval guidelines.

California lifeline number is +1 877-858-7463 for customer service.

Ways to Qualify for the California LifeLine Program

You can choose to apply for the program using the Income-Based or Program-Based application.

Income-Based Process

The families with the following income structure (based on total annual gross income) can qualify through the Income-Based method:

  • $25,900 for the family size of maximum of two people
  • $30,100 for the family size of maximum of three people

*Then onwards $6,400 per additional family member

Program-Based Process

Any of the members of the household living as the family unit enrolled with one of the govt. aided assistance programs such as Medicaid or Medi-Cal, SNAP, LIHEAP, SSI, WIC, NSL, TANF and other qualifying programs can apply through the Program-Based method.

Application Process for the California LifeLine Program

Offline/Paper Application: The applicant must inform the telephone service provider company as well as the State authority when applying for the LifeLine discount program. If you qualify for the discount, the authorities will send you a pink envelope via email containing your application form containing the Personal Identification Number (PIN) or the Enrollment Code.

The applicant must properly furnish all the details in the application form and sign it before sending it back to the California LifeLine Administrator within the due date. The applicant must provide requisite documents with the application as mentioned therein.

Online Application: You must have the PIN provided by the authorities when applying online. Those who wish to enroll in the program may visit the following link to apply online:

After verifying your application and the necessary details, the Administration authorities will send a letter stating the approval or rejection of your application.

All applicants must properly understand the meaning of the term ‘household’ before applying. The term ‘household’ pertains to all the members residing as one family (including adults and children) at the same house as a single economic unit.

To be eligible for the California LifeLine Program, the applicants must provide details like

  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number (only the last 4 digits)/ Tribal ID Number

Enrollment Renewal

All recipients of the LifeLine discounts receive the renewal form by mail at the end of the year. If you wish to continue with the discount aid program, fill in all the details in the form and send it to the concerned authorities within the due date or apply online.

Alternative Options – If you do not qualify for the California LifeLine Program

There are two important Universal LifeLine discounts for telephone services available for the residents of the state of California. If you do not qualify for the California LifeLine discount, you can still apply for the Federal LifeLine Program- also provisioned for allowing discounts on telephone bills for low-income households in the state.

Some Parting Words

Always remember, the California LifeLine Program allows a single telephone bill discount per household. You can either receive a discount for landline phone or the cell phone of anyone adult person in the household. Those who are already covered by the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program are not eligible to apply for this discount program. If you do not have a telephone or mobile connection yet and wish to enroll for the Califonia LifeLine aid, always check the list of approved telecommunication service providers before taking one. This increases your chances to qualify for the discount program.

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