Can Commuting Expenses deductible or not?

By | November 23, 2017

Meaning of the Commuting Expenses

Is commuting expense tax deductibleIs commuting expense tax deductible? Commuting expenses are those expenses which are incurred when you traveled from your home to the place of your employment. These expenses are not eligible for deductions from the income of the taxpayers as they are not business expenses. As per the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), commuting expenses are personal expenses. It includes the cost of car expenses and public transportation costs.

It is not deductible unless you have a job more than one. In this case, the cost of transportation from one place of the job to the other might be deductible. Even if one uses a personal car for business when you are going to your job place form your home the cost of the car can’t be deducted. If you pay the parking charges near your location of the business is also not deductible.

It can be said that you can’t deduct the costs of traveling by bus, trolley, taxi or subway between your home and the main place of your regular work as they are not the business expenses. It doesn’t matter how far your home from the place of your work.

However, the commuting expenses might be deductible in some cases as mention below:

  • If you are going from one workplace to another in the course of your business
  • When you are going to visit your clients or customers
  • When you are going to a business meeting place which is away from your regular workplace
  • If you are getting from your home to the temporary workplace when there is more than one regular place of your work
  • If you have no regular workplace but you work at the place where you live in the metropolitan area you can deduct daily transportation costs which occurred between your home and the place of your temporary work outside that metropolitan area.
  • If there is more than one regular workplace you have away from your home you can deduct the expenses of commutation between your home and the temporary location of your work.
  • If you work for more than one employer whether same or not and work at two places in one day you can deduct the expenses of getting from one workplace to other.

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