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By | August 18, 2018

Many prefer used car as it is available at quiet fewer prices. One can get some good brand cars which might not be affordable if it is to be bought new. Let’s check how to find car for sale under $1000.

Q. I am looking for used cars for sale priced under $1000. Where can I see them?

A. There are number of classifieds sites especially for auto where you can set your criteria for only vehicles that are priced at $1,000 or less. Following are some of the links of the websites and details where you can get cars priced below $1000. At some of these sites you will get already a criteria set and at others you will have to search or set your own criteria.

Car for Sale under $1000

1. eBay Motors

At, you will see a list of more than 3,000 used cars, trucks and SUVs available for sale at price below $1,000 or with auction bids under this price.These are high-mileage vehicles having 100,000 miles or more mileage. You can make you selection specific to find cars near your area or specify to search for certain makes or models of the car.


You will find over 1,000 cars listed at from car dealers as well as private owners at the price of $1,000 or less than that. The list displayed is nationwide that can be narrowed by criteria such as zip code, company, mileage covered, model of the car etc.

3. Auto Trader

At, you can get a list of over 700 used cars at asking price of $1000 or less.The cars are sold from dealers as well as private owners across the nation. You can search according to you specific criteria to see only those vehicles in from nearby places of your place or you can narrow it by model of the car, mileage etc.

4. Craigslist

Here at, you will see a list of cars for sale at price under $1000 specific to Houston area.But you can easily visit the Craigslist site for any area of the country and search for cars near your area that satisfies your criteria.

5. iSeeCars

At, you will find over 200 used cars for sale which are priced at $1000 or less.


There are about 150 used cars up for sale at at priced $ 1000 or at a price less than that.

7. Auto Trader Classics

Here at, you will find cars for sale having some pre-1990 model year at asking price of $1000 or under it. You might get some old classic model over here; it may be not in very good condition or shape.

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