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By | May 10, 2018

Corrlinks Login – Inmate Email Help Desk Phone Number

Corrlinks login page and forgot password help desk is available on It happens sometimes that your loved ones incarcerated in prison and you would like remain in contact through email. You can write and receive email with CorrLinks system and communicate to your friends or family members who are incarcerated in prison. Here we will discuss about how to login corrlinks system.

Corrlinks Login PageWhat Is CorrLinks Inmate Email?

CorrLinks is an inmate emailing system provided by Federal Bureau of Prisons. It allows inmates to receive and send emails to the people outside the prison. The system is designed such that all the messages sent will be screened by the prison. It allows for only text messages to be sent and receive. You have to pay nominal charge to use the service, it is no for free.

How to Use CorrLinks Inmate Email?


  1. You must know the inmate number of whom you want to contact with.
  2. You must wait until you have been added to an inmate’s approved contact list before communication via CorrLinks system.
  3. If you want to contact an inmate at a subscribing state or country facility, you need to fund your CorrLinks account with a MasterCard or VISA credit card.

How to Sign Up CorrLinks System?

  1. If you have received an invitation email includingIdentification Code from CorrLinks system, note it down.
  2. For first time users, click on the “Register” link in “New Users” part of CorrLinks system.
  3. Provide your email address, select a password,and enter your Identification Code you have received in email in order to create your account.
  4. Wait for about 30 minutes and your request will be approved.

How To Send And Receive Emails Through CorrLinks System?

  1. Login to CorrLinks systemusingyour email address and password.
  2. Add to your address book intimate number of the people you want to communicate with.
  3. In order to contact a Federal inmate, you have to add the inmate to your contact list with Identification Code sent to your email.
  4. Visit the “Mailbox” button and then on the “New Message” button to compose and send a new message.
  5. Go to the “Account Management”, then “Manage my inmate list”, tick “Email Alert” to set message alert. When you get a message from CorrLinks System, you will receive a message alert email in your mail box.
  6. For any further information, you can refer to Federal Bureau of Prisons TRULINCS FAQ page.

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