Cost & Reviews on Best 3 Group Insurance for Small Business

By | March 1, 2018

Best Group Insurance for Small Business – Costs and Reviews

Employers are the greatest investment for the small business. It is very critical and important for employers’ productivity and satisfaction that a good health insurance is provided to its employees. Here we will discuss reviews and costs for the best 3 group insurance for small business. Health care insurance help employees pay for their health care needs as well as in case of injuries or accidents by paying a portion of the medical expenses.

group insurance for small companiesProviding a right health care insurance to employees is very beneficial to small business and helps them in long run. There are many group insurer providers for small business. One has to choose the right one according to the priorities. Following given is the details about some of the group insurance provider for small business.

1. United Health Group Insurance for Small Business

United health is one of the most admired companies in the United States and follows innovative approaches. The company offers group insurance for small business. It also offers traditional consumer-driven health plans. The coverage provided depends on the plan selected, there are various plans available. You must consider total cost, access to doctors and hospitals, coverage and benefits exclusions and limitations, health, and wellness resources while deciding upon which plan to go for.

With United Healthcare, your health plan can be paired with Health Saving Account (HAS). The plans offered are divided into four basic categories – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum which will cover 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% respectively. You can also save money with United Healthcare such as tax premium credit or even you may qualify for Medicare, Medicaid or children’s health insurance program.

2. Cigna group Insurance Group Insurance for Small Business

Cigna is one of the very reliable and popular group insurance providers. Cigna offers very flexible funding options to small business to finance their health plans. The company provides customized wellness program and is very dedicated to health and well being of individuals. It also provides a health improvement strategist to all new and renewing business clients free of cost. Cigna offers various plans to small business. Some of them are described below.

Funding: This plan offers two options. In fully insured option, you have to pay the fixed monthly premium. There is a self-insured option which again has two options such as graded funding and level funding.

Health and Wellness: This plan covers wellness program, disease management program, chronic health conditions, and utilization programs. There is a health awareness provided and health coaching is also done. There are online tools made available that guide people to improve health and reduce the risk for serious health conditions.

Onsite Health: This program offers a very convenient and effective way to a company to help its employees improve health. It includes benefits such as on-site biometric services that provide an individual health report, health assessment, health improvement opportunities etc.

Care Management Programs: This program is for those employees who suffer from chronic or acute health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer treatment etc.

Medical: There is a PPO through which employees get a broad choice for hospitals and healthcare professionals. There is an Open Access Plus(OAP) solution that helps employees great discounts and access to Cigna’s national network of healthcare professionals. It has very flexible plan designs and funding options.

Cigna has health management organization, three-tier PPO plan, consumer-driven health plan, pharmacy plan, clinical programs, specialty pharmacy management and the lot more to offer.

3. MetLife Group Insurance for Small Business

MetLife understands challenges faced by small businesses and offers plans tailored to meet their needs and offers various benefits. The services provided by it are very easy to access. There is a number of options offered by it.

Life Insurance: For life insurance products from MetLife, there is a wide range of products offered. There are various tools offered that makes administration of the plans easier. It helps improve productivity and efficiency.

Disability Plans: MetLife offers valuable protection to employees against the risk of disability. It offers tailored benefits. There is a short-term disability plan, long-term disability plan, voluntary STD and voluntary LTD, FMLAssist etc. Options are available for maximum benefits, pre-existing conditions etc.

Dental plans: MetLife offers dental plans to help employees with dental treatments. There are Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO) plans, managed dental plans that include dental HMO plans and dental managed care plans. Their additional options offered that can be added to tailor unique needs of the employees. There are co-pays and coinsurance plans.

Vision Insurance Plans: It offers very cost effective vision insurance plans. Its Vision Preferred Provider organization plans features option for co-pay amounts, service frequency etc. The plans offered can be customized and enhanced with supplemental plans. There is a number of plans available to choose from such as computer vision care, covered contact lenses, safety eye care, diabetic eye care plus program, vision therapy, second vision etc.

If you are running a small business and planning to purchase a group insurance, you can consider one of the providers discussed above.

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