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By | September 10, 2018 Member Sign In – Phones Review and Customer Service Number login: Credo mobile is one of the few cell phone plans provides which offer contract based cell plans. It also offers installment plans and subsidized phones. It offers unlimited calls, text and shareable data in the packages of 1 GB to 15 GB. Credo Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Provider, MVNO. login

Credo mobile is a progressive and social active mobile phone company. It donates to not-for-profit organizations from its profits for social cause such as women’s rights, social justice, peace, environment etc. Here we check Credo mobile login and member sign in help.

Credo Mobile Data Plans

There are several mobile data plans offered:

Monthly Prepaid Plan:

Minimum plan is a single user plan monthly prepaid plan which offers 500 MB data, 200 minutes calling and 500 text messages.

1 GB shared Data Plan:

This plan offers $50 per month with unlimited calling and 1 GB 4G LTE data that can be shared. There are 8 phone deals available under this plan.

3 GB shared Data Plan:

The plan is provided at $60 per month and offers unlimited calling and 3 GB data that can be shared. 8 phone deals are also available with this plan.

6 GB shared Data Plan:

The plan is offered at $80 monthly with unlimited calling and 6 GB shared data. There 8 phone deals available with this plan.

Unlimited shared Data Plan:

It is a monthly plan is which includes unlimited calling and unlimited data that can be shared. There are 9 phone deals available with this plan.

Credo Mobile Coverage and Price Features

CREDO provides the same coverage as Sprint and some other network providers. You pay comparatively more every month in comparison to other identical services, but it is probably worthwhile if you support CREDO’s ideology and its causes. It offers a few phones from two manufacturers only: Apple and Samsung. The selection of phones is limited.

Customer Service

If you have any difficulty, you can call customer representative at 877-762-7336 or can follow live chat service at its website. You can also refer to its website to know about data plans and other information.

Though Credo mobile is a small mobile service provider, if you want to help fund those efforts, you can opt for it to the bigger carriers.

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