Groupon Weekend Getaways UK – Holidays All Inclusive Deals 2019

By | January 29, 2019

Groupon Weekend Getaways UK – Ultimate Money Saver Travel Bonanza Deals 2019

Groupon weekend breaks UK: If you have found Groupon Getaways deals online, it becomes quite difficult to believe that they are genuine. Those unbelievable offers enable the deal grabbers to save huge money on expensive holiday trips. Here we will discuss on Groupon weekend getaways New England. If you are also planning an outing, this time it is your chance to grab these deals and enjoy discounts, offers, and loads of freebies.

Groupon Weekend Getaways UKIf you are looking for genuine Groupon getaways reviews, your search ends here. Explore more on Groupon holidays all inclusive deals 2019 or travel discount code to know more about how to use these getaways to achieve maximum benefits.

About Groupon Getaways

Groupon Getaways offer a range of travel and tour coupons with discounts and facilities that allow the customers to book hotels and trip tickets at best value prices across various destinations worldwide. Most of the time, the Getaway deals are available on hotel bookings only but if you are lucky, you may find a deal offering special price package on tickets as well. Purchase getaways vouchers for the family or gift them to anyone else, the deals are going to save money for the user.

Groupon offers two different types of getaways

Flash Deals:

Groupon offers up to 15-70% discount on bookings at 3-5 star hotels. However, you must check properly if any such deal is available at the present at your preferred destination.

Market Picks:

These are best money saver deals to avail at selected hotels. In addition, you will also get 5% cash back credits added to your Groupon account. You can redeem them when you choose another deal.

Double Occupancy

If you are all set to book tickets, hotel rooms, and other travel related facilities, you will find double occupancy offers on Groupon. This means you will have to book tickets for two people, else you will not be able to avail the offer benefits.

How to Make a Reservation Using Groupon Getaways

You must have a Groupon account to purchase the getaway vouchers. There are two ways to make your reservation:

1. Getaways Voucher Deals

Follow these steps to make your reservation using fabulous Groupon getaways deals.

  • To find the best available getaways offers* visit the link-
  • Once you have chosen the specific voucher, purchase it thereupon
  • View the booking information provided on the voucher now available on your account at the “My Groupons” section
  • Your voucher contains the details of the merchant whom you need to contact to make your bookings by the date. When you contact the merchant, it is important to provide the Groupon Getaways voucher details to avail the said offer.

*You may conduct a custom search with your preferred destination to find the hottest deals available at present.

2. Bookings Directly at

The select hotels offering Groupon discounts allow the customers to complete the booking formalities on the Groupon Getaways official website directly. If you want to book a hotel directly, follow these steps to complete the task with ease.

  1. Visit the website or mobile app of Groupon Getaways
  2. Mention the preferred room type, date, and number of people
  3. Once you have chosen the desired options, click on the ‘Book’ button to place the order
  4. Upon successful completion of the process, the company will send you a confirmation notification to your email

The Final Verdict,

If you fully read all the points mentioned above, it fully covers the issues and speculations that may be in the mind before trying getaway offers. Believe it or not, but it is worth trying them at least once. After that, you won’t like to miss any. Groupon releases the Getaway offers every Tuesday so don’t let the opportunity go away this time.

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