Investing in Wal-Mart Stocks: Should I buy Walmart Shares?

By | October 21, 2019

Should I buy Walmart Stock 2019-2020

How to invest in Walmart stock: If you wish to invest in shares of publicly traded stock fast, it is better to have a brokerage account. This same goes for Wal-Mart stock too. It is quite easy to invest in Wal-Mart stock. However it is always advisable to do research on the company’s past as well as projected performances, if you wish to invest in its stock.

Investing in Wal Mart Stocks

Get ready with your brokerage account

In case you have online brokerage account ready, then make sure that it has sufficient fund for any Wal-Mart trade. If you do not have an account and wish to create a new one, you can do it with the help of online broker like Scottrade. You can open a new account within minutes but most of the brokerages require a minimum of $500 deposit.

As soon as your account is open, fund it with electronic transfer from your bank account or any other brokerage account. If you are funding your new account with a previous brokerage account, you can do it via wire transfer or you can send the brokerage firm a check.

After your research is over, mostly all online brokerage firms allow you to buy Wal-Mart shares. If you have mentioned price in the order form, you will be notified when the stock hits your specified price.

Wal-Mart’s Annual Report

Wal-Mart publishes its audited financial statements every year. This is per federal regulation that asks all publicly traded companies to do so. The company prints it on its website with explanatory footnotes. This annual report has lots of important information for prospective investors.

In the annual report all the details like profit and loss of the company, information of projected area of growth as well as decline, mergers and other transactions made by Wal-Mart in that particular year. In short, if you are thinking of investing in Wal-Mart, annual report is of great use to you.

Wal-Mart Investing Resources

The brokerage firm you are linked with will offer all the online investment analysis about Wal-Mart. There are many brokerage firms that offers financial planners with fees that makes you understand the risk factor and other information about the stock you are interested.

However there are many online websites to that gives you in depth knowledge of the different stocks. One such site is MarketWatch. There are many such websites that can help you take decision.

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