PAYG Deals: Best Pay-as-you-go SIM Deals

By | July 6, 2018

PAYG SIM Only Deals

PAYG Deals and Best Pay-as-you-go SIM Deals: If you already have a phone and you would like use that phone, you can opt for SIM only or pay-as-you-go SIM. You will find several deals which include talk time, text and data.

PAYG SIM Only DealsFree Pay as You Go EE SIM Card

When you buy one of the pay as you go EE pack, you will get free SIM with it. When you get the SIM, you just have to register it and top up it. Following given are the packs you can choose from.

Everything Pack £10: This pack you can buy by paying £10. Under the plan, you will get 150 minutes talk time, unlimited text and 500 MB data. The validity of the pack is 30 days.

Data Pack £10: You can buy this data pack by paying £10. Under the pack, you are provided with 100 minutes, 1000 text and 1 GB data. The validity of the pack is 30 days.

Data Pack £15: With this pack, you get 250 minutes talk, unlimited text and 4 GB data by paying £15 for a validity period of 30 days.

You can use all these packs when you are roaming anywhere in the EU. It is very simple to buy any of these packs. You can but it online. Follow the steps given below on how to buy:

  • Go to
  • Choose a pack.
  • Enter your details. Then click on ‘Send me my free SIM’.

You will receive the SIM in two business days. Inset it in your handset, register it and start using it right away. You can use top up to buy the pack each month.

Pay as you Go packs at

You can buy O2 Prepay data big bundle 4G by paying £10 only. You will be provided with the SIM and you get 250 minutes, 1000 text and 500 MB data from O2. You can order the SIM online. You just select the pack, add it to the basket and shop it. You will get the SIM delivered to you in 2-3 business days.

Another pay as you go SIM you can buy at this website is O2 Classic SIM. Here you will pay as you go in true sense. You will be paying 5p for a minute, 5p for a text and 5p for each MB data you use. You can buy it by paying £10 top up.

You can buy Vodafone Big Bundles by paying £10 popup. You will get 200 minutes talk, unlimited text and 1 GB data. It is a good value pack.

You can get 125 minutes, 500 texts and 100MB data and free SIM by just paying £5 for iD £5 bundle; whereas you are provided 500 minutes, unlimited text and 1 GB data from iD £10 bundle. These bundles include roaming in 50 EU destinations.

If you are interested in buying big data, you have several options available. You can go for EE MTV Trax which provides 500 minutes talk, unlimited text and 7 GB data by paying £15 top up. Another option you can opt for is O2 Big Bundle which provides you 250 minutes talk, 250 text and 4 GB data by paying £15. You also can go for iD £15 bundle; you will get 1000 minutes talk, unlimited text and 4 GB data. This includes roaming to 50 world destinations.

You select a pay as you go pack according to your needs; you have several affordable options to choose from.

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