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Toll-by-Plate: Facts Every Vehicle Owner Using the MDX Toll Zone Must Know

Have you received a notice from the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) Toll-by-Plate recently? If so, read this article before taking further actions. Their official website is and Toll-Free customer service phone number is 1-855-277-0848.

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MDX Toll-by-Plate

The vehicles are subject to toll payment upon passing through the roads in the Miami-Dade Expressway zone. If you have passed through the area recently without paying the toll through electronic transponder, the MDX authorities will issue a notice and invoice to the car owner for the dues using the MDX toll-by-plate procedure.

The authorities have cameras to capture the image of the car’s number plate on all roads in the MDX zone. The officers will then use the car plate number to issue the toll notice to the mail address of the owner. To reduce the hassles of the payment process to the car owners receiving the toll notices, it has provisions for online payments. For more information on MDX toll-by-plate, visit the official website of the authorities at

MDX Toll-by-Plate Account

The registered toll-by-plate account holders can take several actions online to avoid the problems of paying for individual notices through other modes of payment. On the account dashboard, the account holders can review all toll notices, pay dues online, view and download the transaction history for records maintenance etc.

If you receive a toll notice and have dispute issues, you can file a dispute complaint through the account.

How to Pay the Tolls on MDX Roads

There are two payment methods to pay the MDX tolls:

1. SunPass: The drivers who do not drive too often through the MDX routes can purchase the SunPass from authorized retail locations or online at

The SunPass is available at Publix Supermarkets, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, CVS pharmacies, Sedano Supermarkets and AAA offices across different locations in Florida.

Benefits of Using the SunPass

  • This mode of payment helps the drivers to avoid separate invoices notices from MDX toll collection authorities.
  • The SunPass toll rates are lower than the Toll-by-Plate collection system as the authorities do not have to go through rigorous photo capturing and notice issuance processes.
  • You can pay the tolls on almost all bridges and roads in the State of Florida using the SunPass.

2. Toll-by-Plate: If you have not yet paid the toll using SunPass, you will have to go through the MDX toll-by-plate collection process.

MDX Frequent Driver Rewards Program

MDX authority allows the drivers to enroll for the annual period for paying their tolls online through official website of the State of Florida for toll collection

The open enrollment period generally starts in January and ends in March every year. You can visit the official website for more details. If you use the MDX zone for driving through frequently, the open enrollment helps to lower your toll rates up to 1/3rd of what you usually pay for receiving separate invoices.

The enrolled members can view their due tolls online when they log in to the registered account.

Failure to Pay Tolls

Paying the tolls is extremely important for all vehicle owners. There are laws for assorting serious measures for car owners not paying the toll dues in time as per the 361.1001 Florida Statutes. As per the 320.02 Florida Statutes, the vehicle owner may need to pay an additional fee or the authorities may even put the car registration on hold for a certain period in the event of failure to pay the tolls.

Caution: Many car owners have been the victim of fraudulent toll-by-plate notices. If you have received a notice recently, contact the online customer support at

If you have any further questions on the MDX tolls and payments, please visit the FAQs section at the official website.

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