Physical Therapist Job Description & Salary Info

By | May 22, 2018

PTs Job Description

Physical therapists, as also called PTs are health care professional who diagnose and treat individuals of all ages from a new born to the very old, who have health problems or health conditions that limit their movement or functional activities. Many candidates are want to know and searching for physical therapist job description and salary information.

Physical Therapist Job DescriptionPTs examine each individual and prepare a treatment plan for the them according to the requirement and looking at the physical condition and age of the person that help them improve ability to move, reduce pain or restore function. Physical therapists treat people having injuries, neurologic diseases, painful conditions etc. Physical therapist employ different techniques using tools such as therapeutic exercise, functional training, manual therapy, ultrasound, application of heat or ice to painful or stiff joints.

Physical therapists provide health care to the people in different environments such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, schools, fitness facilities, sports centre, nursing home etc.

As health care professionals, physical therapist play a leading role in rehabilitation, health maintenance and programs that promote health, wellness, and fitness in professional and community organizations and they have a positive impact on health related quality of life.

Examination process by the physical therapists also include

  • Taking patient’s history
  • Conducting a review
  • Performing tests and measures in order to find out potential and existing problems

Education Requirements for Physical Therapist Job

To be a physical therapist, you need a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degrees are also offered. Some of the colleges offer a combination baccalaureate/PT program where a person who passes three years of pre-PT studies can opt for the graduate program. It doesn’t requiremajoring in a specific subject in order to apply for a PT program, but you should be good at sciences in your undergraduate studies. It also requires takingthe Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and one to four letters of recommendation to apply for PT programs. It also requires work experience with physical therapy patients for some programs.

To practice as a physical therapist, you have to get a license. You need to attend an accredited program for it. There are master’s and doctorate degrees accredited physical therapist programs offered. You have to get the license by clearing the national licensing exam.

After completing your PT degree, you can further go for specialization. Specialization is provided in one of eight specialty areas. The specializations offered aregeriatrics, cardiopulmonary, orthopaedics clinical electrophysiology, paediatrics, sports, women’s health and neurology. Usually, it takes nine months to three years. To specialize in a specialty area or in patient education or research, you can take up residency training after graduation. Residencygives you training and mentoring in a specific area. It also helps you prepare for board certification. To develop more in-depth knowledge, you can also opt for fellowships. It provides instruction and exposure to patients in their area of specialization.

Pros and Cons of a Career in Physical Therapy

As with career, physical therapy does also have its pros and cons. As physical therapists are health care professionals, they help people to limit or prevent disability of all ages. They help them with regainingtheir functional ability. The job is very satisfactory and also holds very good career prospects.

The job of a physical therapist is physically demanding. It is also challenging. To work as a physical therapist, you have to go through a long training period. Being close to the patients with various ailments, there are chances that you might catch illness. There is also a possibility of getting injured. You need to earn a master’s or doctorate degree after college. For career advancement, you need extra training.

Salary and Job Prospects

There is a much demand for the physical therapists. According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics (BLS), there will be a growth of 36 % in the number of professional in by 2022. The median average of the physical therapist is $80,000. The top 10% professional get salary up to $ 140, 000. The job is available at different locations and for a variety of specialities. Many of the jobs are in hospitals. Years of experience counts a lot to your career advancement. It is an added advantage if you get certified and have expertise in some particular field. If you develop leadership skills, you can become a leader at the local or national level of the APTA or some other PT organizations. You need to keep yourself updated of latest development and techniques in the field of physical therapy. For that you should attend seminars, conferences as well as take up continuing education courses.

If you are interested in a career of health care, you must consider an option of becoming a physical therapist. It is a high satisfactory profession and you also earn considerably well to make a good living.

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