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By | April 20, 2018

Roku Activation Process at Roku

Roku Player is a streaming device that connects to your TV. Here we will discuss on Roku and other help topics for any error. We also check customer care contact number and live chat service. It also connects to Roku TV which has built in streaming. It offers TV channels at much cost effective price. It is also much convenient; you just need to set up a Roku account and connect it to Internet to start streaming.

Roku Player Streaming ActivationAll the Roku devices connect to TV with HDMI. You can connect it via a composite cable to use it with your older TVs. Internet access is needed to stream content through Roku players as it connect to wireless home network.

You can access a great content and watch almost everything after activation on Roku. It provides access to channels such as ABC, CBSN, PBS, CW, and channels to watch Hollywood blockbusters, Sports channels, LIVE TV, You Tube, and latest TV shows from popular channels. You can use Roku player with your home theatre too.

Important Features of Roku

Some of the important features are:

• It is simple to use device and very easy to set up as well.

• It comes with a simple but powerful remote; it offers much powerful search option with which you can find any content you want to watch easily.

• It provides access to over 500,000 movies and TV programs from several paid as well as unpaid channels.

How to Activate Roku Online

To access content across streaming channels, you need activate your Roku device. You don’t have to pay any monthly equipment rental fees. You set up a payment method with which you can buy or rent movies on demand or pay subscription to services such as Netflix. The activation is a quick process and you can do it online at in couple of minutes. Given below are the steps on how to do so:

• Go to

• Select ‘Roku’ from ‘My device is…’ drop down list. Click on ‘Continue’ button.

• Key in the activation code generated by your Roku device in the field displayed. Click on ‘Submit’ button.

Your Roku is activated soon and you can start watching TV using it.

Roku Activation Customer Support

If you already visited Roku, but you face Roku activation issue and want to get new code. If you find any difficulty setting up your account, you can go to the link ‘Contact Us’ provided at the bottom of the home page, click on the link ‘Roku Support’ and select Explore under appropriate category. You can connect to the Virtual Agent too. For more information, you can refer to

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