How to Submit & Track Sun Life Financial Claim Online:

By | April 12, 2019

Steps to Submit a Claim at Sun Life Financial Canada

To have a peace of mind, having a reliable insurance is the first necessity. When you buy insurance, you are most concerned about the service provided by the company so that getting a claim approval doesn’t become difficult. Sun Life Financial is one such trusted company. And to help customers with filing their claim, the company provides different ways. You can file it using Smartphone or online or even you can send a mail. Here we will discuss on My Sun Life online login, Sun Life claim submission phone number, mailing address and status check help.

Submit a Claim at Sun Life Financial Canada

Submitting the claim online can be done very fast and easily using company’s official website. To get the benefit of online service, the Sun life customer has to get registration done once on the website. On successful registration, the customer can sign up any time and file a claim. The claim gets processed very fast, probably in couple of days. Using the online service, customers can even view their claim statements or even can browse through claim history.

About Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial is a very popular international financial services company. It was founded in 1865 in Canada and always has progressed with leaps and bounds. It is a public company and listed in stock exchange. The company provides for life insurance, health, dental and disability insurance, and retirement planning and also offers investment solutions for individuals and business across the world. Sun Life is very committed and has a very good team of leaders to understand the requirements of its customers. To make life comfortable for its customers, it provides easy to work online services including service to filing a claim.

How Can You Submit a Claim at Sun Life Financial?


  1. You must have an internet access.


  1. Visit the Sun Life website and go on the link “Submit or track a claim” under the section “I would like to…” displayed at the middle of the web page.
  2. To submit your claims through your Smartphone or by mail, follow the instructions given on the website. To submit online, click on the link “Submit your Group Benefit claims online” at the right of the web page.
  3. For the first visit, register yourself first.To do so, click “register now”, provide personal details as required, and create your access ID & password. Then complete the submission. To use the online service, you need to sign up every time using your access id and password.
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