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By | January 12, 2019

How to Win $2500 Sweepstakes at Tractor Supply Customer Loyalty Survey 2019

Tell Tractor Supply Company TSC Survey 2019 Login: If you are a resident of the US, it is quite likely, you know about the Tractor Supply retail chain. Now the brand will be of greater interest to you. If you have sufficient knowledge about its product line, there is a great chance to win a whopping $2500 sweepstakes prize at the Tractor Supply Co. (TSC) Customer Loyalty Survey. For more help about application online, visit the official website or contact customer support center.

TSC Tractor Supply Customer Feedback Survey

Ways to Participate in the Tractor Supply Co. Customer Loyalty Survey

There are three different ways to enter the Tractor Supply Survey Sweepstakes.

1. Participate in the Phone Survey:

To take part in the phone survey, you need to purchase any of the products at a TSC/Del’s store. Keep the details of your purchase ready at hand and call the company’s helpline number 1-800-541-4429. After the successful completion of the survey, your name will be eligible for the Sweepstakes drawing for the Monthly Period (As per the provisions in the #Rule 4).

2. Participate in the Online Survey:

There are two online sites to participate the Sweepstakes survey contest. If you purchase a product at any of the TSC/Del’s stores, you need to visit the website, enter the details of your purchase and complete the survey form. If you purchase any product at the TSC Hometown Pet store, you need to complete the survey form at The online sweepstakes are also available for monthly period draw.

3. Participate in the Offline Survey:

The offline participants do not need to purchase any product to enter the Sweepstakes contest. You need a card of dimension 3”x5”. You can write the details in your handwriting or print. Mention your name, complete mailing address (including City, P.O. Box No., State, Zip Code), Email, Contact number, DOB and send it to the mailing address as mentioned in the #Rule 3 at Sweepstakes Rules page.

About Tractor Supply Co. and Its Product Line

At the TSC, you can purchase a wide range of products including tools, hardware, agriculture and livestock products, home and garden supplies; pet care utility items and much more. Today, the company owns and regulates a vast chain of retail stores across different locations in the US. It is interesting to see the vast product line the company sells at the stores ranging from apparels, accessories, farm products to pet care ranges allowing the buyers to find almost everything under the same roof.

Eligibility to Participate in the Tractor Supply Co. Customer Loyalty Survey

  • The participant should be at least 18 years of age
  • The participant should be a permanent resident in any of the 48 states in the US and Hawaii. (The residents in the state of Alaska are not eligible to take part in the Sweepstakes contest).

For complete information on eligibility, other terms and conditions, visit the Sweepstakes Rules page.

Sweepstakes Grand Prize

After receiving the entries for the entire monthly period, the company randomly selects the winner. The draw is conducted after 15 days from the date of completion of every monthly period. The winner will receive Grand Prize of $2500 gift card to shop for products at the Tractor Supply Company/Home Town Pet/ Del’s retail stores.


The TSC Customer Loyalty Survey is the company’s initiative to obtain genuine feedback from the customers and the masses on its product line. The company expects to receive an opinion of the buyers and public as a strategy to introduce changes for betterment for further improvement in product quality and services. It is not mandatory to purchase any product to enter the sweepstakes contest. The company has introduced this provision to ensure that it receives feedback from everyone. Simply follow the above-mentioned guide to participating in the survey to strengthen your chance to win the $2500 gift card.

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