Best 4 Cat Pet Insurance Cost Comparison – Multi Cat Pet Insurance Providers Review

By | February 7, 2018

Best Multi Cat Pet Insurance Cost Comparison and Providers Review

If you have a cat, health care need of it must be of your concern. A good insurance is very helpful to meet the medical expenses. Here we will discuss the 4 best cat pet insurance cost comparison and multi-cat pet insurance providers review.

cat pet insurance costWhen you think of an insurance policy, type of coverage you are looking for is very important. Some of the insurance providers offer basic coverage such as illness and accidents, whereas some others cover even special needs that may include hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, dental care, wellness etc.

Many insurance providers offer discounts as well as allow you to customize your policy. You can add optional packages to your basic plan at some extra cost. Following given is details of the four best cat insurance providers and cat pet insurance cost comparison.

1. Pets Best

Pets Best is one of the popular cat health insurance provider. It offers all the standard plans as well as a special Feline Illness plan on top of the traditional cat insurance plans. This special plan provides lifetime coverage of $10,000 for various cat illnesses that even covers cancer, kidney failure, and chronic conditions such as diabetes. If you just want to get some level of protection for your cat and doesn’t want to buy a standard plan, then it is a very good choice.

There are several basic plans that provide coverage to accidents, illness, hospitalization, surgery, hereditary and congenital conditions etc. Pets Best also covers cat examination fees if taken to a licensed veteran. If you want to add extra coverage for wellness, you can get it by paying extra. There is the number of deductible and copy options to select from. You can even customize your plan to suit health care needs for your cat.

2. VPI

Veterinary pet insurance, VPI offers various plans at the very competitive rate and provides good coverage. There are four different plans for the cats ranging from economic to the most comprehensive. A Feline Select plan provides coverage to the most common cat accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions etc. Two other plans provide more comprehensive coverage for all types of accidents and illnesses. You can enrol your cat for a plan before the age of 10 years. There is no age limit to get the insurance cover.

You can make any number of claims; there are no caps to it. If a specialized care is needed for your pet, you will not have to pay any additional charges. With VPI, you get international coverage means if you travel with your cat and you have to go for medications for your cat, it will be covered. There zero co-pay, you just have to pay your monthly premium and deductible. Once the payments are made, the pet is covered for any cost for the health needs.

3. Pet first Healthcare

Petfirst is a very well-known pet insurance provider and offers various plans for the cat that suits the healthcare need of your cat It offers an excellent cat health insurance coverage that includes accidents, illness, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, surgery, hospitalization, alternate therapy etc. The plans provided by Petfirst are divided into two types: Lifetime and Standard. The Lifetime policies come with annual limits, whereas the Standard policies come with per-incident limits.

There are many options provided for deductibles and co-pays for both types of plans. You will certainly find a plan you are looking for at a reasonable price. You can get an online quote by providing basic details of your cat such as breed, age; type of the coverage you want to include etc. and you will be presented with different options that meet your requirements. Petfirst has no specific plans for cats, but most of the plans are very beneficial and your cat will be protected well.

4. Petplan USA

Petplan USA is a very popular pet insurance provider. There are three different cat insurance plans offered by Petplan. All these plans provide coverage for medical treatment for illness, accidents and some other health conditions. You can add even wellness plan to it that can include vaccination, dental care etc. It even provides reimbursement if the cat gets stolen or lost.

There is no limit to the number of claims you can make. Petplan even allows you to customize a plan with different co-pay and deductible options. It provides various discounts such as 10% discount to members of military services, 10% discount for insuring another pet, 5% discount on enrolling online, the discount to the members of certain organizations etc. You can get an online quote as well as can purchase the policy online. Your claims also get the process in a week of the filing a claim.

If you are looking for an insurance plan to meet the healthcare needs of your cat, you can choose from one the above 4 best pet insurance providers. An insurance plan with good coverage will help you meet the expenses for medical treatment of your cat.

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