Best Sources for Copper House Numbers and Letters

By | April 4, 2018

Buy Copper Numbers and Letters for House

House number not only identifies house but also give the attractive look. People like get house number plates in various ways. Many like metal number plates and some of them love made from copper. Here we will check the best sources for Copper house numbers and letters.

Where can I find house address numbers made from copper?

antique copper house numbersGiven below are links for which are good sources for copper house numbers. You get copper plated numbers from inexpensive to higher-end. Some of them even provide handmade copper number plates.

1. Home Depot

At, you will find 4-inch or 5-inch copper house number. Home Depot provides it at the very affordable price and is normally available at around $5 to $9 per each number.

2. Copper Arts and Crafts House Numbers from Mission Metalworks at Shop 4 Classics

If you are interested in the classic look, then you will get attractive classic copper numbers from Mission Metalworks at 5-inch tall and quarter-inch-thick handmade copper numbers are provided by it.

3. Craftsman Hammered Copper House Numbers from Craftsmen Hardware Company

At, you will see very good crafted hand cut copper house numbers. The copper numbers available are 4-inches high and comes with round head wood screws on it.

4. eBay

You will find copper numbers at, made available from a variety of eBay sellers. They are sold at good prices. Most of them are new and up for sale. You might find few used copper numbers for auction. You will get them very cheap.

5. Arts and Crafts House Number Letters from The Metal Peddler

If you are interested in some good crafted and attractive copper number plates, then you can try at The copper house numbers are available in four-inch and 6-inch in Frank Lloyd Wright look and are made available from the Metal Peddler.

6. Target

At, you will get a few designs of copper house numbers. There are generally available for $6-$12 for the number.

7. The Craftsman Touch

At, you can buy individual copper numbers or you can buy plaques having 2 to 5 copper numbers.

8. The Copper Star

Very selective and wants to get custom made and handmade copper numbers, then you will find something of interest at These are made available from a craftsman in Pennsylvania.

9. Accurate Image Incorporated

If you like copper numbers and letters polished well and having a natural satin look, then the best source is accurate image incorporated. You go to the website is and see the varieties provided.

10. Seattle Luxe

You will find a good selection of copper number to choose from as well as other related house number signs at The numbers are designed in a very attractive way.

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