Child Safety App Side Effects – Online Parental Controls

By | April 13, 2018

Must Know the Side Effect of the Online Safety App for Kids

Mobile Safety Apps are designed to protect children from online assailants but sometimes the effect can be reversed because they harm the trust between parents and children. And also ability of children to deal with online hazards will reduce.

child safety appAccording to the study by the University of Central, United States; Many parents are used their control apps on their teenage children’s smart phones.

In today’s generation who uses mobile phones for do homework and chat with friends and for sharing their personal information for those children the results of this research can become life-changing.

According to Research, Researchers found that these apps are more likely use by the parents who are screwing up on children’s freedom. This study is based on a survey of 215 parents and adolescents in the United States.

Assistant professor at UCF, Pamela Wisniewski is said that in their research, they found that most of the parental control apps are help only control what kids can do online but not helpful for providing them online protection.

From Research also found that children were felt that their privacy was being infiltrated. This research shows that the relationship between Children and the parents is become poor.

In research, Researchers discovered that;

• Does this app really give protection to teenagers through online?

• What do teens and children think about their parents who use these applications for online protection?

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