Concise Guide to Troubleshoot Kohler Toilets – Troubleshooting Flush Valve

By | September 15, 2017

Kohler Toilet Troubleshooting Flush Valve, Tank Repair Kit, and Toilets Seats Replace

Kohler toilets are known for world-class finishes, high-quality material, and awesome look and much more often accompanied with software support for automatic operations. Here we will discuss on Kohler toilet troubleshooting flush valve, repair kit Home Depot and buy parts from Lowes. Over the continued usage, the homeowners may need to accomplish some DIY plumbing work to allow seamless functioning and problem-free toilet maintenance. Herein we have provided the user guide for some basic complications to troubleshoot Kohler toilets without professional help.

How do you troubleshoot Kohler toilets?

Common Kohler Toilet Problems

Like all other brands, Kohler toilets are also prone to these common problems after a period of continued use.

  • • Continuously running water from the flush
  • • Improper rim wash due to lack of water release
  • • Porcelain cracks
  • • Water level adjustments

Necessary Tools and Accessories

Before you step in to troubleshoot your Kohler toilet, it is important to keep things like:

  • Paper clips
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver

Fixing Poor Rim Wash Problems

Slacking flapper chain in your Kohler toilet flush can cause lowering of water release during flushing. This is inconvenient forcing the user to hold the handle for longer to release water. Poor rim wash can clog the joints and make it difficult to clean later. You need to tighten the slacked flapper chain to increase the water supply in the flush.

Adjust Water Level in the Flush

Open the lid of the Kohler toilet flush. Find the C-shaped metal clip located on float rod. Use pliers to squeeze the clip and move it upwards or downwards to adjust the required water level. Moving it up means more water and vice versa. After locking the flush lid, make sure to flush the toilet once or twice to check if you have got the desired water level. If not, repeat the process again.

Fixing Problems with the Flush Valve

Over the continued usage, the flush valve may stop functioning with accuracy. This often leads to blockage in water flow, leaking etc. Check the float valve seal for dirt or sediment deposits. You can open the seal, wash it properly, and fix again. After removing the seal, check if there are any cracks or chipped surfaces on it. If so, you need to replace it with original Kohler valve seal. It is highly recommended to change the toilet valve entirely at least every ten years.

Some Important Considerations

  • Always remember to close the water supply to the tank before you conduct any repairing or replacement work on the Kohler toilet.
  • Before you start with the troubleshooting process, always make sure to read the manufacturer’s repair guidelines (available at the company’s official website) properly. There are several Kohler toilet models with differences in assembled parts and functioning.
  • To understand the mechanism of your Kohler toilet and find the right guidelines, check the model number in the flush (mostly on the upper side above the water level).
  • When you need to replace the Kohler toilet parts, it is always preferable to purchase genuine parts from trusted retailers or online shopping stores. The genuine company parts are specially manufactured to suit the fittings and performance for greater durability.
  • Small porcelain cracks are easy to repair if you call a service provider. This is a low-cost repair option to perform during the early stage. Do not delay the work as it can lead to leakage if left for too long. If there are larger cracks, it is time to replace your toilet altogether.

The basic problems as mentioned above are fit for DIY handling. However, if there are serious concerns and you do not have adequate knowledge of handling these works, it is always recommended to call a professional plumber to fix the issue at low cost.

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