Things about Short Term Car Insurance UK – Cheapest Comprehensive Cover‎

By | November 14, 2017

Things to Know about Short-Term Car Insurance before Getting One – Cheapest Comprehensive Cover‎

Short Term Car Insurance UKShort term cheapest car insurance cover UK: We all know that the regular car users need annual car insurance for coverage on accidental damages and other consequences. However, at times choosing the short-term car insurance can be a wise decision and money saver option.

What is Short-Term Car Insurance?

The short-term car insurance also called temporary car insurance has coverage validity for a short duration minimum one day to one month of duration. There are various reasons you may find such insurance products quite useful and take them for complete peace of mind.

You can buy cheapest comprehensive short term car‎ insurance product without changing or repealing your existing annual insurance coverage.

When do you need Short-Term Car Insurance?

In some of the following conditions, taking a temporary insurance no matter for a very few day is absolutely necessary:

  • You have borrowed someone else’s vehicle for a few days
  • When you want to add one or more drivers to your car for some days
  • A driving trainee occasionally on the vehicle practical lessons
  • The learning drivers and youngsters knowing driving having periodical access to a car owned by the family or a known person
  • When you drive another car in the absence of your regular one due to some repair issues
  • You are yet to purchase a permanent insurance for the newly purchased car

Nature of Short-term Car Insurance Coverage

The short-term car insurance covers the insured driver and the car for the stipulated term (from 1 to 28 days).

When you lend your car to anyone else, some temporary insurance products offer the no-claim bonus coverage in case the driver has an accidental injury while driving the car.

The driver on no-claim bonus protection coverage under short-term car insurance will not lose the benefits of the regular insurance in the event of an accident, collision, injury etc.

How to Find the Best Short term Car Insurance

When you compare the short-term insurance products with annual options, the premium amount may seem much higher than the annual offers. However, if you calculate the net cost of each product, it will be a much affordable option.

Almost all insurance companies determine the temporary insurance premiums on various factors such as:

  • Vehicle model
  • Age of the car
  • Driver’s age
  • Area of residence and car usage

The insurance company may also verify other factors like previously claimed amount, driving history etc.

When choosing the insurance product you need to look into matters like:

  • Decide the duration and coverage requirement
  • Compare different insurance products and their premium
  • Ask for quotes to ease the premium calculation
  • Compare the total premium you need to pay
  • Read the terms and conditions very carefully to understand the extent of coverage
  • Check the payment options (should have online payment facilities for quick access and convenience)


The short-term car insurance products are very useful occasional drivers, driving learners, young students not having their own car etc. They give you complete protection without the need of spending a huge amount on annual car insurance. The approval of the temporary car insurance is subject to the policies of the provider company. For instance, many companies do not offer such insurance coverage on imported and modified cars. In case of such insurance products, the company may impose an upper limit on the market value of the vehicle.

Never hurry when taking short-term car insurance from any provider. Read all the documents carefully. Compare the coverage and protection of different insurance offer to your requirements to find the best one in terms of affordability, your requirements, and others.

Despite some conditions, if you understand the type of coverage, the short-term insurance can provide the best value for your money.

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